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Charlie Kay Tornatore



Charlie is a relentlessly positive addition to any workplace, perpetually smiling and gushing about ways to improve the customer experience. Her very first job was as a teenager, working as a children's entertainer through high school, and it's left her with a love - and talent - for interaction. Ever since, she's put her good-natured attitude to use in any role that relies on face-to-face interaction with customers, be it service, support, or sales.

Of course, in today's age, face-to-face service isn't everything. She's also remarkably technically literate, growing up around computers and able to use them as easily as she would a limb. Multiple references will testify to Charlie's quick ability to adapt and pick up any new piece of software with an hour of tinkering and the occasional trip to Google.

Growing up in a traditional Sicilian family, Charlie's comprehension of Italian (especially food) is excellent, and she focused on adding German to her repertois in high school. Unsatisfied with speaking two languages, she's working on speaking Mandarin as well.

In her personal life, Charlie has a passion for medieval reenactment - be it putting on metal armor and swinging a sword, or just sitting around a campfire cross-stitching.



Self-Employed: March 2017 - March 2020

Sole Trader/Owner

Charlie started up her own personal business while working at Telstra, setting up a website and retail portal. She was pleasantly surprised to see it take off rapidly, and made it her full-time job after leaving Telstra (below), using the proceeds to move to Melbourne for a larger and more convenient space to ship product.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with a slump in retail sales, made the business no longer viable. Fortunately, this means you can now employ her!


Telstra Business (Assigned): March 2015 - May 2017

Telecommunications - Customer Service

Initially, Charlie started as a Customer Service Consultant, having been offered the job after a brief stint as an external salesperson for a Telstra dealership (below). A predominantly office job, the majority of her time was spent on phones with the occasional customer meeting becoming more frequent as she gained seniority. She'd be given additional responsibilities and progress through the ranks at Telstra, eventually leaving after a short, three-month position as a Project Manager was not extended.

(Please note, Telstra's policy is to not give external references on the performance of a past employee. However, they will confirm employment, responsibilites, and dates.)

(Yes, it's just as frustrating for her as it is for you.)

Freelance Sales: October 2012 - December 2013

Sole Trader

For a period of a year, Charlie performed freelance work for two companies - TSA Brisbane (Telstra dealership) and Aussie Bill Compare (Bill comparison service) on a commission-only basis as additional, part-time work, delivering excellent results and focusing on face-to-face sales at shops or door-to-door.

The Face Painting Company2011 - December 2014

Children's Entertainment

While Charlie worked part-time for this family-owned business through high school and study, she'd eventually start taking a more regular, full-time position, assisting with the day-to-day running of the business, commuicating with clients, managing websites, picking up supplies and employees for jobs, and taking bookings. Noteworthy during this time was her successful attempt with Ardent Leisure to secure an exclusive contract to deliver face-painting/balloon sculpting services to Dreamworld, on Queensland's Gold Coast.

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